A network organisation

Our approach is personal and tailored to your needs. There is simply no other way to get results. We have learned that every change project is ‘learning by doing’. 

But there are some guarantees. Expect to be challenged on your ideas and to be confronted with a variety of stakeholders inside and outside your organisation. Let us get them around the table, identify their interests, facilitate difficult dialogues and find common ground.

Glassroots was founded by Cato Léonard and Elke Jeurissen. We are set up as a network organisation and our broad network allows us to engage with domain experts when needed. We also have a pool of experts to facilitate dialogues. 

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-15-26-56Cato Léonard has 20 years of professional experience in business development, digital marketing & social media. She worked for technology and online media companies with a focus on change in strategic and marketing processes based on the use of new technology. She has a pioneer mentality in which finding shared values between diverse organizations is the main driver for success stories. She is also the co-founder and campaign leader of G1000, a citizens movement for participatory democracy http://www.g1000.org cato.leonard@glassroots.com Mob. +32 495 29 74 40

elke sept 14Elke Jeurissen has 20 years of professional experience in corporate communications, public relations and public affairs working for companies such as Mobistar, National Lottery, Microsoft, BSA, Nuon, HP, Alcatel-Lucent, BBC, BAF, SBS Belgium. She worked at communication agencies, as a spokesperson of the Federal Minister of Telecoms and Public Companies and was co-founder and managing director of Grevendonk, Jeurissen & Partners until December 2011. She has built a broad network of professional relationships in the Belgian political, media, academic and business arena. She is also founder of http://www.straffemadammen.com  elke.jeurissen@glassroots.com Mob. +32 476 50 54 54

Cato and Elke are authors of the (Dutch) book ‘Vreemdgaan voor Managers. Met stakeholders naar je doel’, published by Lannoo Campus. It was nominated as best Management Book of the Year and is used at several universities as a handbook for stakeholder participation. They are frequent public speakers on the topic.

Elke Jeurissen @elkejeu +32.476.505454

Cato Léonard @catoleonard +32.495.29.74.40



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