How to engage third parties – new keynote

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 14.21.56We face new regulations that force us to change the way we work. We can’t seem to find the right talent. We want to claim thought leadership on a business topic. We look for new markets for our product portfolio. We want to put our CSR strategy into action. ….

Questions on your ‘to do list’? We help you find the answers, by engaging the right third parties to address your challenges and co-create solutions. Let’s start with some inspiration.

During our interactive keynote or workshop about Strategy and Policy by engaging stakeholders we share learnings from all the change projects we worked on with leaders in the public and private sector in the past 7 years.


~ Discover our connect-engage-collaborate strategy for clear results

~ Prioritize the right third parties to drive your organization in the right direction

~ Learn how to work on drivers for real engagement

~ Find out about the pitfalls and mistakes others made before you


Glassroots has delivered close to 100 keynote talks. We already had the pleasure to be on stage for STIMA, Kortom, VOKA, BLOSO, Exchange vzw, BNP Paribas Fortis, KBC, GDF Suez, Erasmus Hogeschool, Microsoft, EOS Aremas, ELIA, Accenture, VDAB, VOV, Disney and regularly set up tailor made workshops for management teams, leadership teams or Boards of Directors.

Would you like to book GLASSROOTS for a workshop or keynote speech? Just contact


We consider sharing our expertise in open innovation, co-creation and collaboration and citizens participation as part of our job. If you have any experience in change, you know by know that all projects are ‘learning by doing’. Please drop us a message if you have an interesting story or case we should know about or learnings to share with other leaders. We are happy to integrate your tips & tricks into our story.

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