Smart collaboration between stakeholders

Glassroots supports companies, public institutions and other organizations in building strong stakeholder alliances to achieve specific goals. We help you engage with relevant stakeholders both inside and outside your organization.With planning horizons getting shorter and environments changing faster and the ever increasing power of social media, engaging with your stakeholders is a matter of good business practice.

If you chose the right partners to build alliances, take time to really define common ground and set up a professional process to manage it, stakeholder engagement will help you achieve your goals. We offer support to help you achieve different business goals.

Internal stakeholder alignment

  • to create support ad hoc cross-department projects
  • to develop new products/services and go to markets
  • to build company reputation
  • to develop your vision/mission

External stakeholder engagement

  • to create thought leadership in a certain field
  • to develop joint marketing campaigns
  • to obtain regulatory frameworks
  • to co-create new products or services or optimize existing ones
  • to develop new business opportunities
  • to co-create your vision/mission

Participatory democracy

  • to co-create policy plans with citizens and stakeholders
  • to co-determine budget allocation
  • to assess the feasibility of new measures or policy ideas




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