How we can help you

Are you wondering if your vision and mission are still relevant? Will they be tomorrow?

Are you looking for new ways to develop your business? Innovative business models?

Are you wondering how you can give your reputation a boost and become a thought leader ? And who should be engaged to do so?

Are you looking for new, innovative and supported ideas from citizens to strengthen your policy?

Engaging with your key stakeholders is the answer to all these challenges. Confronting diverse people that have an impact on your organisation, today and tomorrow, generates new insights for solutions.

At Glassroots, we have developed a unique roadmap to support you in every step:

  • Start with why? – Together with the client we look at corporate challenges in which stakeholders could be involved and create important added value. This is done through intensive interviews with key internal stakeholders, combined with analysis of your external environment.
  • Stakeholder mapping & qualification – Who are relevant stakeholders? Those that can offer a piece of the puzzle to solve your challenge. Thanks to our extensive network, we can reach out to top people in the academic, cultural, non-profit, government, societal and education sector. First learn about all stakeholders’ interests, then decide who you want to partner with to achieve your goals.
  • Finding common goals through stakeholder dialogues – The ability to listen, not speak, is crucial in this phase. We help you design the necessary process to define shared values with your external stakeholders. And we identify what role every stakeholder could play in reaching a common goal. For every project, we develop a tailor-made process design to achieve your goal, finding a common goal and realizing it.
  • Process design & management multistakeholder partnerships – We offer support in developing the process, vision, mission and strategy. Together, we define roles and responsibilities, budget model and governance rules, clear KPI’s and milestones and tactical plans. As a neutral ‘third party’, we provide the glue between all partners in the project. This includes project coordination tactical plan, reporting, evaluation, etc.
  • Inspirational speeches and in-house workshops on stakeholder participation

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